Marketing in a Post-Digital Model

Have we shoveled enough dirt on the standalone concept know as “digital marketing”? Perhaps. Perhaps it is once and truly buried. So, long live whatever comes next. No matter the lexicon that grew up around the digital dynamic that has, over the past twenty years, radically altered what was considered the sacrosanct marketing mix, what we are now operating in is a new world where internet, interactive, ecommerce and digital fail as accurate descriptors. Content and context now drive market conversation and customer engagement and, by extension, power today’s marketing machine. We now dance digitally in a world where the tried-and-true, expensive marketing tools and campaigns of that othe

Big Data and the Science of Storytelling

Big data, and the analytics that make sense of the exponentially growing volumes of it, seem to be top-of-mind across the business landscape and increasingly central to both strategic and tactical decision making today. In certain realms, marketing comes immediately to mind, it possesses the potential to become the central unifying force that moves the practice further from art and closer to science. But, with big data has come big challenges in using the data for practical and impactful purposes. That is why telling stories built upon data and analytics will become the critical manner for articulating the value buried deep in the lines and columns of huge stores of data. Narrative has bee

Authenticity, Point-of-View and Telling Stories

For an organization, your point-of-view (POV) is the expression of what your company believes, what makes you different, and why people (customers, partners, employees & investors) should care. The vast majorities of businesses just blend, or disappear, into the crowd. While their critical metrics – sales, growth rates, margins, earnings, and market capitalization – position them as viable competitors in their chosen markets, being average should never be the aspiration. Truly great and lasting enterprises have a great story to tell. They stand for something. They are also able articulate their unique value in a manner that is both clear and compelling and positions them in a way that separ

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