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Product marketing is about bringing a product, service or solution to market. This includes determining product positioning and messaging, launching the product and ensuring salespeople and customers understand its features, functionality and value. Product marketing aims to drive the demand and usage of the solution and occupies a strategic value chain position between product development and brand awareness and is one of the few job functions that touches product, marketing, and sales.


Successful product marketing involves several key activities.

  • The solution and its new features are appropriately positioned on the market,

  • Sales and marketing teams have all the necessary knowledge and materials enabling them to attract new customers,

  • The solution satisfies the target audience’s needs and addresses their pain points,

  • Solution demand and adoption are on continuous rise, and

  • The product remains relevant as markets evolve.

Insight and data that provides the marketing and sales organizations with deep insight into the market and customer.

Analyzing the competitive landscape identifies both direct or indirect competitors and provides information on their mission, vision, offerings, strengths and weaknesses. Operating in a dynamic and changing world, this analysis helps to establish a new mind-set which facilitates the identification of strategic advantage.


At the product level, thought leadership addresses the critical buyer issues and questions via both long and short-format content (blog posts, sales sheets, white papers, webinars) that drives prospects to and through the marketing/sales funnel in a more effective and efficient manner.

The provision of tools, techniques, content and approaches that equip the sales organization to

develop a sales strategy around a new business opportunity.


Collaboration during the process helps ensure that messaging created for the product is consistent all the way through to the first sales call.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin

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